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About Us and our Inquiry Based Education Materials provides inquiry based, curated ebooks and digital learning materials to schools, libraries, parents and teachers. Our Inquiry Education materials are used throughout the world.

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Teachers Free Online Ebooks Free Printables Free Translation PPT and PDF Free mother tongue and dual language sight word ebooks


Special Library Collections Aligned and Curated to IB and Inquiry Ed Standards. (PDF).


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Accreditation (PDF)

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Connecting With Inquiry Education Programmes


International Baccalaureate

EYP, PYP, MYP & DP Products

Over 250 EYP and PYP ebooks, IB Themed School Journals, e-Library for IB Schools and The Inquiry Connection (a global student teacher action programme).


International Schools

Inquiry Educational Products & Services

Early Year and Primary Year ebooks, School Journals, e-Library and Inquiry Educational services.


Florida Schools

New to Inquiry Education? We can help.

Florida schools are leading the trend away from rote learning (common core) to inquiry based learning.

Education Materials for

EYP | PYP | MYP is proud to present the world’s largest collection of ebooks, teacher’s guides, student guides, and reflection journals



Early Years Programme provides one of the world's largest, most extensive, curated and readily available online EYP resource libraries available for the EYP student population. Find your Inquiry Education resource now.  


Primary Years Programme

We now offer a PYP Bundle Inquiry Education Bundle of 250 curated ebooks for Primary Year Inquiry Learners (PYP), Immense Inquiry Learning Library for PYP Student, and Free Teacher & Student Guides.  


Middle Years Programme

The Middle Years Programme offers Inquiry Education focused, bound Inquiry Journals that are the perfect three to four year keepsake for the middle school student.

Safe, Secure Online Connections and Learning


Teachers and students can communicate and collaborate safely and securely using our online message board system.  Use of the InquiryConnection is Free. Interact with students from Moscow, Beijing, the US, and Europe.


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